The Journey

We often hear the phrase “our journey” or “our path.” Can you talk about this journey. Where are we coming from and where are we going?

Aaron: From the perspective of your human understanding, you are going home, to that sweetness and brilliant light that you once knew so well and now only dimly remember. From the perspective of your soul, you are going nowhere.

The whole journey is an illusion. How can you have ever left God, when He is within you and you within Him?

Do you really imagine you could leave that source of perfect light and love, and be alone and separate in the world?

You are children, camped in your parents’ back yard, learning the skills and independence that lead to maturity. The illusion tells you that you are away from home. Do you see the necessity of that illusion? But your parents keep a watchful eye from the window and the back light shines brightly. You are never truly alone.

You began as a spark of God. Developing self-awareness, you chose the human path to maturity, accepting this illusion of separateness from God. The illusion was necessary to your growth, to become mature and responsible beings, that you might be ready to return to Him, no longer just a spark but a pure and shining light.

You agreed, with each birth, to live with this veil of forgetfulness, to have only dim memories of your origins and your home. The forgetting was necessary for the illusion and was part of your human learning.

Your past lives are the infancy and childhood of your soul. Now many of you are adolescents, and even approach mature adulthood.

Slowly the veil lifts, and you begin to remember who you truly are. You have reached a time for remembering.

What is this journey?

It is the slow unfolding of that which you must learn to return to your Creator as mature and compatible co-creators in the dance of life.

It is the blossoming of your beautiful self, from an ember into brilliance.

It is time to move beyond your fears, to acknowledge your true being and the oneness of all creation. It is time to penetrate the illusion.

You have never been anywhere, but the illusion has served its purpose. Now shed the illusion. Learn to acknowledge your perfection, your unlimited nature, your oneness with God and all things, the wonderful beauty of you.

Do you understand that fear is all that keeps you from knowing who you are? Let your fear go and feel the love that is your birthright. Love is the only truth. With love, there is no fear.

You ask “Are we all on the same place on this journey? Are we all ready to let go of the illusion?” No. You are each in your own place, and just where you should be.

Only those who are ready will hear and accept this message. For others, who are not yet so far along, the message will be there when they are ready to hear it, perhaps in this life, perhaps in another.

There is no rush. You each move as you need to. Be assured that every being will find its way home and in time will understand the illusion of the journey. Each will find that sweetness of its non-separation with the perfect light and know the harmony of the universe.

Truly you are all home. You have only to discover this and know that it is so.