Schedule a Session With Barbara Brodsky

For questions that are more specific, private or personal in nature, please contact Barbara Brodsky to make arrangements for a private session with Aaron.

Office: (734)-971-3455

Dear inquiring friend,
We do not do “readings” in the conventional sense. Aaron does not predict the future or tell you what to do. The choices are yours. We meet in person, by phone or skype. Aaron does what we call “spiritual counseling,” helping people to better understand their life issues and how to understand them as a catalyst for growth. He will never tell people what they should do, just help them to understand the spiritual basis for the issues or confusion.

Please contact me to ask if a session would be beneficial to your needs.
If our work interests you overall, many people who want more time with me and Aaron and to deepen in meditation come to our annual retreat in late October; information is on the DSC web site, as are other retreats across the US, especially in Seattle and in NC.

People close to or in Michigan often enroll in ongoing classes. There is also the opportunity to join in the open nights with Aaron and workshops via audio or video conference call, all listed on the Deep Spring Center web site,

Questions can be asked at these evenings.
Please let me know if I can be of further help.