Reincarnation…What to Believe?

I don’t believe in reincarnation. Is that a problem?

Aaron: Thank you for your question.
There is no need to believe in anything. It is not useful to believe or not to believe. The entire core of spiritual growth is in the ability to learn from your direct experience. If you treat yourself or others harshly, pain will be experienced. When you reflect on that pain and its causes, and begin to act with more kindness, the pain recedes and the loving heart emerges. That earlier harshness was a “past lifetime” even if only minutes past, and it taught you the lessons needed in order to progress.

Whatever needed to be learned in a past lifetime (if indeed there are such; I experience it that way but I am not the authority on your experience, not am I “right.”) will certainly show its face in this moment, and again in the next one, until the lessons are learned.

That is all you need to consider. Each moment is a lifetime!