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The Path of Healing and of Destruction

In meditation, we have glimpsed that which will heal most physical ailments while at the same time people are reminded of the horrid events of genocide and darkness over many centuries in the Western Hemisphere. Please speak of the path of healing and of destruction.

Aaron: My brother, you know the earth is in process of a major transition to higher density, a transition begun a very long time ago, as humans measure linear time.
Many, like yourself, have come to aid that transition.

Healing lies in knowing of divinity and inter-being. Healing is not a process in which you move from broken to whole, from contracted to spacious, from darkness to light. Healing begins with the knowing of your divine radiance and perfection. This is something your ancestors and the ancestors of many living humans were closer to than are many present humans. In the world of today, striving and grasping are more common than going inward to rest in the ever-healed.

Some native people of 1,000 and more years ago had knowing that is lost in much of the world today, knowing of the interconnection of all that is, and reverence for life in its many expressions. The real loss that came to earth in the deaths of so many of your worldwide native ancestors is that loss of knowing.

Nothing happens without a reason. Some life events may be hard, but open the pathways for growth and learning. If you harden, you move backward into a small reality instead of forward into the ever-perfect. Ask, now, for the return of what was lost, and to allow those seeds to be nourished and to grow.

There are the worlds of ultimate reality and those of relative reality. On the relative level, there is disease; there is famine; there is loss with accompanying sorrow and grief. But on the ultimate level, such are illusions.

We do not inherit disease; we may inherit the beliefs that led to disease in the past and do so again today. But you always have choice. It is the mind that creates the future. In the words of the beloved master, Siddhartha Gautama, “You are what you think. With your thoughts, you make the world.” The approaching transition is one that asks the release of all limiting thoughts and beliefs. Then this world can be free of disease, of hatred and violence, and fear and darkness that binds.

You have free will; the work is to use that will to return to light, to wholeness and love. The ground of spaciousness and love will be prepared, turning the soil as it were. Then this already existent ground, which does not need to be created, only remembered, supports the fullest expression of the ever-healed.