About Aaron

(Excerpted from the book Aaron )

Greetings to you all. I am Aaron. Some of you may feel skepticism or discomfort at the idea of being addressed by a spirit. I ask you to look more deeply here. What and who am I? What and who are you? Understanding the emptiness of all form, what is the difference between us, or is there none?

I have taught that we are all beings of light.

What does that mean? Some of you may be familiar with the meditative experience of the dissolution of ego and body. Those who have experienced this have ascertained that what they are left with is light. That’s all; just light. There is no ego in this space. There is no sense of self or other. There is no permanence of form, no individual thought, no selfish will, no personal consciousness. Beyond all these attributes or “skandhas” there is pure awareness that the essence that was erroneously considered self is simply light and energy. This is what you are. This is what I am.

As we each evolve, we choose to materialize in whatever form is best suited to our growth and to our present learning needs. This earth is a schoolroom. You are here in material form because it is here that you will find the next lessons that you need. I have evolved beyond the need for material form so I have none. Nevertheless I am still learning and am in the form best suited to those lessons I now must learn.

Do not take my evolution beyond form to imply that I am better than you. All souls have equal worth. All! I do have a different perspective. I can call on the knowledge and wisdom of all of my past lives, as well as the wisdom I’ve gained in these 450 of your earth years since I passed from your plane. But what I teach you must be filtered through your own processes. I can only guide you. The real learning must come from your own experiences. If what I say is of help and provides guidance, that is fine. Use it. If it doesn’t help, what matter where it comes from. Put it aside and follow your own inner wisdom.

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